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Finance professional, real estate professional, and community activist, Bob has 30 years’ experience in finance and real estate. He has held a RE brokers license since 1991 and has lent over $1.2 billion in real estate loans. He co-founded innovative companies like Vacation Finance, Pike Street Properties, and The Indian Hill Company, an organization committed to the revitalization of Pontiac, MI. His career includes work for lenders such as Wells Fargo and he helped successfully work out over $700M in real estate projects for Lehman and other institutional lenders. Bob has been a regular contributor at industry conferences and journals; in 2006, he wrote a book about housing demographic trends toward retirement housing options. An avid traveler, an urbanist and someone who is passionate about urban renewal, Bob also enjoys sailing. Bob has a BBA in Finance and Economics and an MBA from Walsh College of Accounting and Business Administration.